The chemical and mechanical characteristics of carbon fiber fabrics are a shield capable of absorbing and repelling heat, electromagnetic waves, and bacteria. Carbon fiber is a shield that allows man to defend himself against all forms of environmental pollution that affect daily life.

Although born as a chemical product derived from pitch and hydrocarbons, the technology developed for its use as a fabric makes it a technological response to the needs of safeguarding health and environment.


Cotton from India Polyester Carbon fiber
1Ton 1Ton 1Ton
CO2 3,80 CO2 9,52 CO2 2,00
The impact of the production of a ton of carbon in terms of CO2 produced (LCA method)


The carbon fiber production cycle is that of the chemical and oil industry but with low production of C02 as all processes are carried out within specific industries (Toray ltd) that comply with strict environmental protocols.

Thanks to its lightness and resistance, once treated and processed with the various A|BTechLab techniques, carbon fiber does not release particles or residues into the environment, it is recyclable and reusable.