The convenience of being a comfortable in everyday life.

Alessandro Bergamini’s sneakers are inspired by running shoes and at first glance they may seem “another pair of running shoes” but contain specialized technology to help provide maximum comfort in everyday use. In running, your foot hits the ground the same way with every step. Unlike athletic shoes, running shoes are designed to prevent injuries from that repetitive motion of specific cushioning to help with shock absorption, as well as design features to help a shifter forward with greater ease.

Starting from this principle Alessandro Bergamini has used a high sole designed by Vibram that guarantees the best shock absorption during walking and inserted a soft leather midsole to ensure that the foot’s heat shapes the fit following the anatomical conformation.

Then the use of the carbon fiber of ABFibra fabrics made these sneakers light and comfortable. The occurrence of ABfibra fabrics is in fact that of being thermoregulator and consequently the sweat and heat is dispersed homogenously all over the tomai thus guaranteeing a constant body temperature.

These technical solutions, together with the original look by Alessandro Bergamini, allow the sneakers inspired by the world of running to be ideal for everyday use and in the city, relieving tiredness and sweating of the feet.

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