Lightness and capable to keep your journey safe.

What is a duffle bag? is a travel bag with a shape and origin made of cloth, with a drawstring closure at the top, but it is a name used to describe a variety of bags with soft sides that can be used for the gym or for a short trip. They are comfortable and capacious but above all light. Alessandro Bergamini has interpreted them using ABfibra® fabrics that use carbon fibers to create innovative fabrics with unparalleled and above all safe performances and with innovative protection advantages. its lightness allows you to travel comfortably and effortlessly.

The sturdy carrying handles and the zip around make this duffle bag the ideal accessory for travel of all kinds and the softness of the fabrics means that it can be crushed without getting damaged but always protecting your clothes as much as possible. In fact, the carbon fiber used has passed the anti-abrasion and anti-tear tests

The duffle bag is a versatile and stylish timeless travel companion, quick to pack and easy to carry.

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