Innovative fabrics to improve the quality of life

The Alessandro Bergamini collections are made with high-tech ABFibra® fabrics designed and created using carbon fiber. Alessandro himself has developed together with the ABtechLab team the know-how to use carbon fiber as a malleable fabric in order to maintain all the benefits that carbon can bring to improve performance and quality of life, in addition to the already known lightness and resistance, ABFibra® fabrics have unique characteristics that affect human health and the quality of life, such as thermoregulation properties, protection from electromagnetic waves, antibacterial properties and fire resistance.

All ABFibra® fabrics can be recycled through a recovery process that provides for their reuse in other sectors. Through his experiences in motor sport Alessandro Bergamini exploits all the advantages of carbon fiber and creates collections of accessories and clothing that have the ability to thermoregulate body temperature, antistatic and conductivity, electromagnetic barrier and in order to be hypoallergenic and antibacterial. The special treatments of ABFibra fabrics also allow breathability and where required and at the same time waterproof.

These peculiarities combined with the lightness and resistance of Carbon mean that the Alessandro Bergamini collections bring effective benefits to human health thanks to the possibility of relieving fatigue and increasing energy for the person who wears it. Thermal dispersion brings tangible benefits such as the reduction of oxygen requirements, reduction of heartbeats and lactic acid.

Benefits today no longer reserved for sportsmen but for those seeking innovation and technology in daily well-being.

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